The purpose of the programme is to improve the capacity of communities and National society to respond to disasters through capacity building and community empowerment. The Programme comprises four projects namely, Food Facility, Protracted Relief and Recovery Operations (PRRO) and Livelihood Interventions for HIV and AIDS affected Households and Humanitarian Aid to OVC in Lesotho.

2. Program interventions fall under three components; disaster preparedness, relief and recovery operations and food security.

 Ensuring reductions of impact of disaster in vulnerable  communities

• Implementing/improving food security of targeted communities through livelihood approach

•  To develop an operationalised LRCS food security and plans

•  Ensuring household food security in emergency through relief and long-term livelihood approach

• Provision of adequate food security and nutritional support to clients of LRCS (HBC AND OVC clients)

• To establish and strengthen the structures, capacity and systems for disaster preparedness and response at branch, divisional and National level

• To identify and establish roles and responsibilities of LRCS for disaster preparedness and             response

• To strengthen the disaster management department through Response

• Review LRCS DRR policy and scaling up DRR approaches for safer communities within LRCS interactions to all divisions

• Ensure that LRCS adequately respond to conflicts by liaising with relevant stakeholders

• Implementing safer access frame work at all levels

• Implement Disaster Management master plan and contingency plan





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