Lesotho Red Cross Society held a three-day induction for the newly elected National Executive Committee and senior management.

The LRCS leadership induction organized between the 7th and 10th of September 2016 at the Lancers Hotel in Maseru was successfully conducted and participants committed themselves to a number of key follow-on deliverable action points.  

In attendance were elected representatives of the National Executive Committee, the Society’s Secretary General Prof. Teboho Kitleli and all key Heads of Programs staff drawn from the National Society Headquarters.  

Facilitation was diligently jointly presented by Ms. Mabel Koketso, the Secretary General of Botswana Red Cross and Mr. Justine Mukwecheni, Head of Cooperation  ICRC Harare Delegation. The ICRC Delegation in Pretoria enlisted the assistance of Mr. Mukwecheni.

The induction was kick started by an official opening ceremony that was graced by the Honourable Minister of Health, the LRCS core group of professionals, the Head of ICRC Pretoria Delegation and other invited distinguished dignitaries.

 Adopted Deliverables/Action Points.

Five actionable deliverables (action points) were identified upon which members of the LRCS NEC and staff commit to jointly implement with the first progress evaluation report expected in January 2017.

The five key success areas include the need to:-  

Study the regulations governing the proper use of the RC Emblem and mount sustained targeted public campaigns to fight against the misuse and abuse of the RC Emblem.

Reinforce, in all situations, peace/conflict times, proper public understanding and recognition of the auxiliary status/role (legal base) of the National Society in the humanitarian field.

Systematically address the knowledge gap existing among the representatives (members/volunteers) of the LRCS leadership, in particular at Branch structures, on their expected roles and responsibilities.

Promote institutional growth, sustainability and ensure continuity through strategic mobilization of required resources (Human and assets) as well as building and capacitating volunteer structures in various communities.

Address financial integrity issues by consistently reviewing spending practices, encouraging cost - effectiveness, discouraging corrupt tendencies and improving accountability and sustainability through systematic engagement in long-term fund-raising and resource mobilization initiatives.

Worth noting is that.-  

LRCS is still to work out the detailed timeframes upon which each activity would have been accomplished.

Roles and responsibilities are to be assigned accordingly, but ensuring that each members has something to do.

Management will be invited to provide the necessary technical support needed in any of the identified areas.  

 The induction which was funded by the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies office had facilitators from Botswana Red Cross Society Ms Mabel Koketso - Secretary General and Mr Justin Mukwencheni from ICRC office in Harare Zimbabwe.

 Present at the official opening were Honourable Minister of Health Dr. Molotsi Monyamane, Head of ICRC Delegation office in Pretoria South Africa, President of Botswana Red Cross Society, stalwarts of Lesotho Red Cross Society Dr Mothusi and Mrs Masholugo, Mrs Makabelo Mosothoana former President, Dr C.N. Moji co-opted member, Medical Doctor  the daughter of Mrs Masholugu, Dr Thabelo Ramatlapeng - former Secretary General of LRCS and  Mr  Moahloli Mphaka the Finance Audit committee, newly elected board and staff.

     Secretary General of BRCS, ICRC Delegate Harare, Hon. Dr. 'Molotsi Monyamane and Head of Delegation ICRC Pretoria.



 When officially opening the induction workshop, the Minister of Health Dr. Molotsi Monyamane said the Ministry of Health will be happy to work with Lesotho Red Cross Volunteers especially youth who will be assigned to work in outreach health activities.

 “There are many youth who have completed their tertiary and are willing to volunteer in many developmental activities of the country”, he added.

 He added: “ Health is everybody’s business”.

 He urged LRCS to train people in First Aid so that as many drivers too can come on board and learn it. “ these the people who cause accidents, hence it is important that the know First Aid.

 He said Society already has an Memorandum of Understanding with Ministry of Health and there is no reason why it cannot train as many youth as possible as peer educators.

 “Lesotho is ranked number One in the world with the scourge of HIV and AIDS. Mostly affected are the youth aged between 13 years and 19 years old. My fear is that if by 2030 HIV and AIDS would not have been managed Lesotho will cease to exist, hence the urgent need for us to work together and my Ministry will support you”, he reiterated.

He also urged LRCS to be active in combating TB by joining in the campaigns to sensitize people about the curable but also opportunistic disease.

 He urged LRCS to take advantage of the existing gaps, citing an example of lack of proper ambulance service and personnel to run it in the country.

 He pledged his support as an individual and the Ministry to facilitate the growth of the Society, “ and I will encourage all politicians and government to be members of the LRCS, “ He added.

 Honourable Minister concluded by saying he impressed that the Society supports and ensures good governance. He wished Society good deliberations in the Governance and Management Induction workshop.





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