By Tsebo Mosoeunyane – Comms Volunteer

As at January 2021 at least 151 schools out of 300 tippy tanks have been installed in Qacha’s Nek, Mokhotlong, Thaba Tseka and Butha-Buthe .

The schools now have improved hand washing facilities through the Lesotho Red Cross Society (LRCS) and UNICEF WASH Project. The projected is funded by UNICEF Lesotho to the amount of M7 Million.

The objective of the project is to ensure the pupils are protected against COVID19 by regularly washing their hands.

The Project Officer for WASH project Mrs. Mabutaung Kitleli said in addition to the hand washing facilities, under the Risk Community Communication Engagement (RCCE) the project has also printed 3000 face masks for school children, but focusing first on the most vulnerable children. The masks will be distributed when schools re-open in March 2021.

She added that the schools will also receive hygiene packages consisting of sanitary pads, bar soaps, powdered soap, heavy duty gloves, gumboots, mobs and buckets for cleaning toilets.

“visibility materials with messages such as lanyards and pamphlets will be given to the school children too”, Mabataung said.

She stated that the number of learners that will have access to improved hand washing services is 42559 thus far.

In addition, there was also a construction of 30 hand washing facilities in public spaces like, Market places and Taxi ranks in all Lesotho districts through Standard Lesotho Bank (SLB) funding to the tune of M117,000.00.

Mabafokeng Mojela of Qacha’sNek expressed her profound gratitude to LRCS for showing her how to construct a tippy tap at her home and promised to teach others in her community.

“we have been informed that this COVID19 require us to wash hands regularly, so having a tippy tap outside my toilet helps a lot and saves water that we have to fetch far away, she said.

LRCS through its volunteers has also constructed over 5000 tippy taps in communities, households and public spaces within all Lesotho Districts as a way to minimize the spread of Corona Virus. Most of them were constructed within households where the volunteers demonstrated the proper use and how to keep them maintained.

In addition, Dolan Cymru has also funded the construction of four tippy taps in primary schools in Thaba-Tseka amounting to M390,000.00

There was also a production of a short video detailing how to construct household tippy taps for households that could not be reached and was posted on all LRCS online platforms. Tippy taps are still being constructed by LRCS volunteers on day-to-day basis where they are not yet available.