DECADE 5 2007 -2017)

1.1.        Health and Social Services:

Health Centres:

  •  152,654 people received different health services ranging from promotive, preventive and curative services at 4 LRCS HCs146,140 Under five children attended immunization and growth monitoring services

    4,800 people received care and support under HIV and AIDS project

    76,224 Orphans and vulnerable children received care and support, of which  some received educational support


  •  OVC households were assisted with house renovations and construction of houses


  • Water supply systems constructed to ensure clean and safe drinking Water in the communities
  • 16 Water supply systems for the schools with the same purpose as stated above
  • 1468 sanitation facilities were constructed in different communities
  •  sanitation facilities were constructed in 16 schools to curb open defecation


  • First Aid Instructors trained
  • 9,346 people trained on First Aid to save lives
  • First Aid kits  and manual sold

HIV and Aids Awareness

Cancer Awareness and screening


1.2.        Disaster Management:

Food Distribution

  • people trained as members of the Community -based disaster response teams
  • 2,795 people assisted with disaster response materials (blankets, utensils, tarpaulins etc)
  • 7,032 households (35,160 beneficiaries)  provided with agricultural inputs (tools and seeds) to address food insecurity
  • 399 Lead Gardeners trained on conservation agriculture to build their capacity in food production , so they train communities.
  • 7,032 households assisted with construction of  vegetable gardens.
  • 10,400 households (52,000 beneficiaries) assisted with immediate food needs.

Emergency Response:

-General elections


– reunited ? families

– sensitized communities about the RFL

Divisional Development and OD

Youth and Volunteers



By Mamonehela Masupha – Volunteer

The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has always played a pivotal role in alleviating human suffering resulting from myriad of calamities both natural and manmade.

This was said by His Majesty King Letsie III at Lesotho Red Cross Society Breakfasting Meeting to launch the Society’s Resource Mobilisation and local partnerships with business community, individuals of goodwill and appealing for more government support today for Red Cross.

It is for this reason that Their Majesties as Patrons of the Lesotho Red Cross Society (LRCS) have endorsed this National Society’s initiative to raise funds so that it will comfortably carry out its mandate of assisting and protecting communities affected by natural and human induced crises.

” The Red Cross is always at hand and at the forefront to support people who are in dire need, assistance and rescue, yet it does so with little resources of its own”, The King said.

He pointed out that the initiative will reduce dependency on external assistance and indeed increase the Society’s financial base, as external support for humanitarian assistance cannot always be guaranteed.

” we are therefore making a special call to our business community and all the people of good will to contribute to this noble course of helping our National Society to carry out its humanitarian mandate of assisting and protecting vulnerable members of our communities”

He said this against the background that in the last 50 years the LRCS has been successful in reaching out to victims affected by disasters, food insecurity, the scourge of HIV and AIDS, as well as providing water and sanitation to communities, while at the same time giving educational support to OVCs in many parts of the country. He expressed gratitude to all who partnered with the National Society and these include its international partners within the Red Cross family as well as the Lesotho Government.

He therefore called for all to consider volunteering their time, knowledge and expertise in support of the NS as this would have a tremendous and positive impact on its work.

His Majesty further thanked the President of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Mr Tadateru Konoe and his delegation from Nairobi and Pretoria South Africa for their continued support to LRCS.

He specifically thanked the Japanese Red Cross Society for having worked with Lesotho on programs aimed at combating HIV and AIDS as well as activities aimed at increasing household food security.

His Majesty also launched the donation box campaign by cuttingoff the ribbon on one of them. The donation boxes will be placed in strategic places the malls, airport etc. The aim of having the donation boxes in these areas is to enable people who might to contribute but do not have the time to go to our offices to do so, said Secretary General of the Society Mr. Kopano Masilo.

Also present at the occasion were, Honorable Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Disaster management Authority, The Lesotho Red Cross National Executive Committee and staff of the LRCS as well as different media houses.



LRCS President Mr Kopano Masilo and  members of the Board officially open a Tippy Tap in Mafeteng

Lesotho Red Cross theme for the World Red Cross Day this year was # Our principles in action.

The celebration was held in Mafeteng District on the 9th May 2015 where several tippy taps were built in local schools around the town of Mafeteng.

The National Executive Committee with its New President Mr. Kopano Masilo officially handed over a tippy tap constructed by the youth in Mafeteng to the Council of Mafeteng.  He explained what a Tippy Tap is and explained that it a simple and affordable way used to wash hands after using the toilet in order to stop the spread of gems and promote good hygiene. He said a tippy tap does not only stop the spread of bacteria but it also safes water.

One of the activities of the day was Fire fighting assimilation exercise done by the Police for the Mafeteng volunteers. It worth mentioning that some of the Police are Red Cross volunteers and one of them is a Board Member and the other Chairman of Mafeteng Division.

Other activities included Mr Hlomohang Neko, a Board Member, did a praise song about the History of the Movement from the battle of Solferino to the reason for the celebration of World Red Cross Day. This praise song was the dissemination of the Movement not only in the language that volunteers present at the event could understand, Sesotho, but in a way that captured the attention of those present.

This was followed by Mr Khotso Lebona, a member of the National Youth Executive Committee, who called upon his peers in explaining the 7 fundamental Principles to those present. In between the speeches the youth entertained with songs, dance and drama and the District Administrator could not hold back his excitement and continued to declare that it is important to nurture the talent in youth so that it benefits them and the country at large.

The volunteers kick-started the celebration by building Tippy taps in schools during the week leading to the celebration. Therefore, on the 9th before the commencement of the celebration the Mafeteng Divisional Chairperson lead the Board to the Tippy Tap build by volunteers near the public toilets in town where the Board members were taught about the use of Tippy taps and its benefits.

When people thought they had seen it all a youth from Mafeteng Mr Hashatsi cried out, “The imagination of one man, Henry Dunant. . .” He recited a poem on how the simple thought of Henry Dunant to mobilise people in a battlefield in Solferino changed the fate of the suffering as this thought spread across the world. He also shared that through the same thought they continue to reach to alleviate human suffering. The history and mandate of Red Cross put together in a short but beautiful poem that talked to the hearts of those present.

The newly elected President Mr Masilo shared his experience as a Red Cross volunteer and highlighted that it was a nice coincidence that he had come to know about Red Cross in Mafeteng and that his first public address was in Mafeteng. He further stated that in line with this year celebration the volunteers should do an introspection of whether their lives and volunteer work is in line with the 7 Fundamental Principles.

He challenged those present that people affected and infected by HIV, OVC and those hit by disasters should feel less impact due to the presence of Red Cross especially volunteers because the mission of Red Cross is to alleviate human suffering. He concluded by congratulating Red Cross on its collaboration with different stakeholders and in particular the government.

Also present at the event was the Members of the National Executive Committee, heads of government departments in Mafeteng, and the District Administration including members of Lesotho Red Cross from all over the country.