65 OVCs RECEIVES DONATIONS FROM NEDBANK Sixty five Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) from five villages of Mokhotlong received blankets, mattresses and schools donated by Nedbank Lesotho recently.

When handing over the items the Managing Director of Nedbank Mr JP Bouwer said the partnership between the bank and the Society has been ongoing and growing relationship for a long time. He said the Society has been training its stuff with First Aid for a few years.

Nedbank Lesotho donated Twenty Five thousand Maloti (25,000 LS) in support of Mokhotlong’s 24 households living with 65 OVC who were affected by the natural hazards in between February and May 2017.

The OVCs came from Malefiloane, Makoabating, Salang, Ntlholohetsane and Mokhotlong town. The villages were picked because they experienced flooding in 2017 and a number of households were affected. The roofing of their houses were blown off due hailstorm resulting in their clothing, bedding, food stock and utensils destroyed.

“We found it befitting to partner with the Red Cross as it has a wider reach which includes rural communities and also has many years’ experience in managing donor funds and that gives assurance of financial accountability.

“This specific donation was also part of celebrating 20 years of Nedbank being part of the Lesotho landscape and history, and we decided to join hands with the Red Cross as they also

mark their 50th anniversary in Lesotho in 2017. We believe is an ongoing testimony to their work as a trusted humanitarian and volunteer organization, “Mr Bouwer added.

In an interview with IFRC Communications Delegate Africa Regional Office Ms Corrie Butler,

Mr Bouwer said “We would like to re-engage in these kinds of initiatives once more to capacitate our staff in key lifesaving skills.  Nedbank is committed to this being a relationship that will continue”.

He said he would encourage other organisations to support the Red Cross in that it has the capacity and experience to administer community and disaster assistance projects which most companies desire to support but are not able to beyond providing financial support. Therefore in this way, they will still be supporting communities in need through the hand of Red Cross.  In addition, companies seek a high degree of accountability, and I believe the Red Cross provides this to its funding and other partners.

Immediately after handover the donated items in the form of mattresses, school shoes, blankets etc were delivered and handed over to the OVCs in the presence of the District Administrator Mr Serame Linake by the President of the Society Mr Silas Mosuhli.

Also present at the handing over were member of the National Executive Committee Meeting based in Mokhotlong Mr Lekhupane Setsase, the Secretary General of the Society Mr Kopano Masilo.

Nedbank says the donation is part of its social responsibility project to contribute to the welfare and development of communities in Lesotho.

Lesotho Red Cross Society would like to see the environment where orphans and vulnerable children are;

  • having Educational Support for Primary, Secondary and High School
  • having Psychosocial Support
  • access to health and material support f
  • Lobbying and advocacy to protect the rights of all children

Lesotho Red Cross feels this partnership will have achieved  its objective when the environment allows ;

  • High level of capacity building leading to resilience and thus reduced vulnerability of OVC and households, OVC supported beyond primary, High school and at tertiary level.
  • OVC being accepted in the community level where stigma and discrimination are reduced
  • LRCS and other stakeholders led by District Administrator conducted a rapid assessment to establish the immediate needs of the families. The relative and other members of the community assisted the affected families with food and some clothing to continue day to day activities.