By Sma Phethoka

Berea Red Cross Division assisted a household of six people with food packages, clothing, blankets and baby stuff. The family from Ha Ratsiu in the Berea district was reported on social media to be in dire need of assistance.

The family comprised of parents and 4 children; three girls of ages 15, 5, 3 and a one Month baby-boy.

According to the Divisional Secretary for Berea Ms. Neko Hababa the household was given food packages which comprise of 25Kg maize meal, 25Kg Bread floor, future life shake for a breastfeeding mother who is also not well health wise, 2l cooking oil, 1kg potatoes, 1kg onion, split peas 4kg, 2kg sugar, box of tea, 1kg tomatoes, soup×3, 10× 1kg milk, hygiene packs which include, 5kg powder soap, bar soap, diapers for a 4weeks baby, 20l paraffin, 2 packets of candles, and two blankets.

The Society was informed about the plight of the family through social media that there was a suffering family at Ha-Rats’iu village in TY Berea district in dire need of assistance.

In addition, Ms. Nneko Hababa indicated that the father of the household Mr. Thabiso Maebo (34) has been offered a piece job at the Divisional office so he can earn income for the survival of his family.

Nneko further reported that she has referred the family case to the Ministry of Social Development so that they can be assisted as a long-tern intervention to the Maebo family.

On one hand, the Chief of Ha-Ratsiu, Chief Rats’iu Ts’iu who witnesses the handing over of the above mentioned items expressed his gratitude to Lesotho Red Cross Society and the Berea Division to have come in to the rescue of his people.

“LRCS is doing a great job in our communities. Todays they have paid us a visit which we will not forget. May you continue to save the lives of Basotho,” Chief Rats’iu added.

Ms. Nneko Hababa said a rapid assessment was done before the family was assisted and the following were their needs;

  • the household does not possess a house; but are temporarily accommodated by a friendly member of the community.
  • the family lacked food, clothes, and diapers for a Month-old baby,
  • both parents are not working. The wife is not working due to ill health while the husband has been looking for a part-time job

The family expressed their sincere gratitude to the Society indicating that God’s timing is perfect.

Lesotho Red Cross Society is a humanitarian Organization rendering relevant humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable people in Lesotho.

The Lesotho Red Cross Society has been hands on in assisting people who have been adversely affected by the COVID 19 pandemic since the first lockdown. The Society through its ten Divisions has been supporting the Government of Lesotho in lessening the impacts of COVID 19 in the country.