By Sma Phethoka

Lesotho Red Cross Society (LRCS) has been having clean audit reports consistently for the past 10 years. This was said by the Finance Director Mr. Teboho Nkoane when giving his budget presentation during the Society’s Annual General Meeting.

He said although the Society has respected the financial regulations, the fact remains that it has a big challenge with cash flow. He urged the Annual General Meeting to assist in coming up with strategies for resource mobilization.

“The Society does not have enough projects to assist in contributing towards the core costs and that makes work difficult. The  FD said

The National Executive  Committee‘s responsibility is to mobilize the government to assist with subvention like the government does with other organizations.

“Unless the government assists the Society with Subvention, it will be difficult for  Lesotho Red Cross to fulfill its auxiliary role like it is doing at the moment. For example; when there is a disaster LRCS is always the first on the ground assisting people affected in order to ensure that it minimizes the impact of the disaster.  with the subvention we will be able to respond even better and still manage the core costs of the Society”, he added.

When addressing some of the internal issues that may be hampering progress, the FD emphasized the elections of skilled people for the positions of Treasurer and Divisional Chairpersons so that they may manage the finances of the Divisions properly.

He said the Divisional audits do not project value for money when compared with the expenditure of meal allowances and yet there is nothing showing what the meals were for.

The National Executive Committee was also urged to come up with strategies that will enable proper resource mobilization.

When officially opening the Annual General Meeting, the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Mr. Likopo Mahase said the government of Lesotho recognizes the humanitarian works done by the Society in the country. He outlined some of the work done like the response to Thaba-Tseka and Qacha’s Nek wind storms and the launch of Pan African Tree Planting that was headed by His Majesty.

Mr. Mahase explained that LRCS is auxiliary to the government; helping the government in responding to disasters. “It is the responsibility of the government to include the Society‘s Programs in the National Budget under the Office of the Prime Minister,” he said.

Mr. Mahase added that he gives high regard to organizations that respect their constitution in holding statutory meetings like LRCS.

“We are here to reflect on the Society’s work that has been done in hard times of COVID19. Your fight against HIV and Aids through the Health Sector, support for Orphans and vulnerable children, and victims of disasters is highly appreciated,” he said.

On the other hand, Mr. Mahase applauded LRCS for a clean audit report. Mr. Mahase also wished the AGM happy and transparent elections.

On the same occasion, LRCS conducted elections for the positions of President and members in which Mr. Hareteke Nkhets’e (Maseru) won the position of president with 29 votes over a total of 39 votes. Other than these, three delegates were successfully elected to occupy the positions of members; Ms. Malipuo Masolisa (Mafeteng), Mr, Let’soele Matooane, and Mr. Nthako Rasupu (Thaba-Tseka).

The former president of LRCS, Mr. Silas Mosuhli indicated that he was thankful to have been entrusted with leading LRCS and that he is available to offer assistance to the incoming President Hareteke Nkhet’se. Mr. Mosuhli advised President Nkhet’se to always visit the LRCS constitution in everything he does for the Society to avoid mistakes.

President Nkhet’se gave thanks to the delegates to have entrusted him to lead LRCS. “My team and I are ready to serve LRCS. We are going to work hard and cooperatively with members of the board to make changes possible for the sustainability of the Society,” he said.  Mr. Nkhest’e further pleaded with members of LRCS staff to work hand in hand with them to avoid stepping on each other’s toes.

The AGM was attended by 39 delegates including the members of the National Executive Committee and staff. It started on May 13 and ended on 14th May in Maseru.