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First Aid training

You can learn Commercial First Aid and/or Community Based First Aid with Lesotho Red Cross Society.

To learn more about these programs and to enroll to them, click below to send us an email and your contacts;


There are two types of First Aid training done by Lesotho Red Cross Society both at Headquarters level and at Divisional level and they are;
1.      Commercial First Aid Training: this is aimed for industries, colleges, armed forces, companies, community workers, individuals etc.
For charges please contact LRCS Head office at;
+266 22313911
2.      Community Based First Aid:  is aimed for everyone is meant to reach out to the most vulnerable communities to enable them to provide First Aid whenever need arise in their villages/communities.

The following services are provided regularly whenever need arise;
–        During Fun walks
–        National Events
–        Sports.

LRCS provide training in the following levels;
–        Basic First Aid training
–        General First Aid training
–        Advance First Aid training
–        Instructors First Aid training

The Society sells the following First Aid items:
–        First Aid kits – different sizes
–        Stretchers
–        First Aid manuals

Lesotho Red Cross Society provides the most recognised Certificates and are valid for two years.
10  Road Safety Commitments
I commit to;
–              Use a seatbelt
–              Wear a helmet on a motorcycle
–              Drive at a safe speed and distance
–              Suitable for the conditions
–              Not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
–              Not use a mobile phone when driving
–              Be visible as a pedestrian or cyclist
–              Know and respect the highway code
–              Maintain my vehicle in a good condition
–              Be licensed and trained for the vehicle I drive
–              Know how to react in case of crash

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First Aid

LRCS continued with First Aid training and provision of FA in different parts of the country.


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