“Help rebuild our dilapidated ship by making good plans that you can do”, said Mr. Kopano Masilo

Nine out ten Divisions, four Health Centres and program staff attended a two-day Planning Meeting on December 18 and 19, 2019.

When welcoming the staff, the Secretary General Mr. Kopano Masilo said in order to avoid being criticized for not doing anything, the Society must make plans that they follow through out the year.

“the plan and reports will make those who criticize us to shut up because our work will speak for itself”, he said.

He however, said the staff must do a lot of introspection so that the image being portrayed to others changes for the good and not bad.

“one of the images you are portraying is that of not being proud of this organization. When you go to the field you always leave behind visibility materials. It is like you are ashamed to be associated with the Red Cross. In 2020 no one I mean no one will go to the field without our visibility material; gazebos, aprons, banners, flags etc.” he chastised.

He said the Society’s ship is seriously dilapidated and needs a lot fixing. He said by planning as a team the ship will be fixed, and the priorities will be clear to everyone.

“we are here this week to renew our commitment towards saving lives, reflecting genuinely and getting feedback from our colleague and share our challenges.  we can overcome anything if work as a team, a formidable team. All the broken pieces will gradually be put into place,” he said.

On the other hand the President of the Society Mr. Silas Mosuhli when officially opening the Meeting said the current drought situation is an opportunity for the Society to thrive. He urged the staff to source funding everywhere even at district level so the vulnerable communities affected by the drought can be saved.

He urged them to ensure that the plans made cascade to the volunteers and members at the divisional level so that progress can be visible. He reminded them not to forget including the youth in the plan because they are the future of the Society.

“if there are no youth in the Divisions then the Red Cross in Lesotho is finished”, the President reflected.

He wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2020.