Imagine having your menstrual periods every month and not knowing how to hygienically take care of yourself. This is the reality faced by rural school girls, hence the Lesotho Red Cross Society (LRCS) pledge for support towards its project to support these underprivileged girls with sanitary pads.

The Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) responded to this plea of the society by donating a total of 575 packets of sanitary towels in a bid to uphold the dignity of 100 school girls in  Bobete (Thaba-Tseka),at an occasion led by Leutanant General Tlali Kamoli in 2016.

As a Leader Leutanant General Kamoli was born and raised in Bobete, hence his decision to pay back to this rural community by joining hands with his colleagues in the army, by way of also recognising the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) project of the society, currently underway in Bobete.

Speaking during the handing over ceremony, the general indicated that the gift was a gesture of respect to the girls, and appealed to male pupils in the schools to show the same respect for the girls by supporting them during that special time of the month, when they have their period.

He pointed out the sanitation structures erected at schools in Bobete should be an encouraging factor to all stakeholders to whole heartedly throw their energy behind its initiatives, including that of affectionately caring for school girls and donating proper hygiene materials to cater for the journey chartered every month.

He said as fathers and mothers in the army, they were made aware of how this time of the month hampered the girls’ studies, hence their duty as responsible parents to ensure that the girl child’s life is not made difficult when they skip school to avoid the embarrassment of accidents caused by girls not wearing proper sanitary pads.

Lesotho Red Cross Society President, Kopano Masilo pleaded with the rest of the community in Bobete to make a similar donation for the same course, and contribute towards the girls’ #  Free pads campaign.

It is estimated that the donation from LDF is enough to last each one of the 100 girls five months. Schools covered under the WASH project are Marumu and Bobete Primary schools, while Masaleng and Thaba-Khubelu are in the pipeline.