The Lesotho Red Cross Society Youth and a Member of the National Executive Committee of Lesotho Red Cross Mr. Lets’oele Matooane have been approved to join the three Months Volunteering Learning Programme (VLP) that will commence on the 14th of September and end in December 2022 in Spain.

According to Mr. Lets’oele Matooane, the application link was shared with the youth, and because of his interest in learning, he applied for the program, and the results turned out positive.

Mr. Matooane uttered that the program is going to bring new skills and exposure from the course itself as well as the rest of the participants.

“I wish to share my skills with my fellow youth so that together we can make a difference and positive impact in Society as well as our communities. Serving humanity is one of the best practices one could ever do for the benefit of others.

According to the Society’s Secretary General, Mr. Kopano Masilo, he has known Mr. Matooane since 2016 as a dedicated Red Cross Volunteer and Youth President for four years.

“Mr. Matooane has demonstrated commitment to serving the National Society and demonstrated an ability to represent Lesotho Red Cross Society (LRCS) in International Forums such as Youth on the Move in Solferino in 2019 where he showed professionalism,” he said.

Mr. Masilo put an emphasis on the support that Mr. Matooane gives to his fellow volunteers hence the training would afford him an opportunity to sharpen his leadership skills for the benefit of LRCS as he aspires to join the National Governance Structures of the National Society.

According to an email by President Javier Senent of the Spanish Red Cross, “It is foreseen that 85 people from different National Societies will take part in the learning program.

“We believe that, in addition to the program content, the number and diversity of participants of our network, and their interaction during and after the course, will add to a unique and meaningful learning experience.” the  Spanish Red Cross added.

In addition, President Senent said, “I am grateful for your participation in this initiative, as it is a response to the challenge of strengthening volunteer development capacities in the Red Cross and Red Crescent organizations as a key driver to our community base and capacity for needs identification and solidarity mobilization.”

Mr. Senent indicated that the first edition of the Programme was in September 2019 in Spain, and was very well received by all National Societies. He explained that it was very unfortunate when the COVID 19 pandemic emerged with multiple limitations that prevented them from carrying out the second edition that was planned.

“The VLP is specifically aimed at people with experience and responsibility in volunteering development. It is designed to improve the management skills of leaders of National Societies in the area of volunteering development. This Programme will provide key insights and perspectives on volunteer participation and engagement, promote a culture of strategic planning, and strengthen the leadership of those who support volunteerism to increase its social impact,” he said.

Mr. Senent further explained that the rest of training sessions will be conducted online from October to December, while from August 17th to 24 August 2022 there will also be a face-to-face training  at Naturgy’s Puente Nuevo Campus, in El Tiemblo, Ávila – Spain)