The Ambulance Emergency Services (AES) of Lesotho Red Cross Society has been accredited by the Board of Health Care Funders of Southern Africa as an Intermediate Life Support. This was revealed by the Society’s Senior Paramedic Mr. Monyane Mokoatsi.
Mr. Mokoatsi added that as a result of the accreditation, the Society’s ambulance service has signed a contract with the local medical aid schemes including the likes of Metropolitan, Liberty, and Mamoth. “we offer medical aids from the above-mentioned medical schemes”, Mokoatsi said.
“The fact that the Society’s ambulance Services has been accredited, Basotho will trust in the service that will be provided,” he added.
On the other hand, Mokoatsi indicated that the Society has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Tracker Lesotho. The agreement entails assistance of Ambulance Services to clients in times of accidents. Mokoatasi emphasized that those clients will be assisted no matter where they are in the country.
In addition, the LRCS AES was invited to do a demonstration at the Development for Peace Education (DPE) workshop which was held in Maseru in June.
The workshop aimed to look into the increasing number of road accidents both in rural and urban areas and look into the challenges facing the Local Ambulance Services and that of the Government.
Mr. Monyane Mokoatsi indicated that the participants included the Member of Parliament, Mr. Moshoeshoe Fako who is the Chairman Parliamentary Health Committee, LRCS Ambulance Emergency Services Team (AES), students from one of the Schools of Paramedics, and Ministry of Health Paramedics had a meeting at Mofumahali oa Tlholo Church.


On the same occasion, Mokoatsi demonstrated some First Aid practices to the participants.
Mokoatsi further indicated that LRCS AES team is working on training youths who leave around Accidents Hotspot Areas of the Maseru District. “The trainees entail both men and women,” Mokoatsi explained.
Mokoatsi expressed that the LRCS Ambulance is capable and ready to also assist COVID 19 Patients.” We have all the required Personal Protective Equipment, enough Oxygen tanks, as well as other machines” he added.
“If the Ministry of Health would give the Society a certain amount of money for COVID 19 Response, the Society would be able to assist in saving lives of many people,” Mokoatsi emphasized. “
In the meantime, Mokoatsi explained that the Society’s Ambulance Services also do coverage in Sports and national events as well as other humanitarian responses. He added that LRCS has signed a contract with Lesotho Food Ball Association (LEFA).

Mokoatsi advised that people SHOULD have the Ambulance Service Toll Free numbers so they can be able to call whenever need arises. “In times of emergencies, people can call us at 8001 1967.” He said.