by Sma Phethoka

The District Administrator in the presence of the Secretary-General of LRCS hand over the house keys to Nkhono

In celebration of its 54th birthday, Lesotho Red Cross Society (LRCS) handed over a three-roomed house, 10 Matrasses, 20 blankets, cooking utensils, and food packages to the vulnerable family of 13 on Saturday the 13th November 2021 at Qalakheng, Mohale’s Hoek.
The Family of a 69-year-old Mrs. ‘Mankopane Maribe became vulnerable after an incident that occurred in the village where a child went missing and the community blamed her to have bewitched the child. It was explained that the child was found dead in a soak-away pit.
According to the former Divisional Secretary of Mohale’s Hoek Red Cross Division, Mr. Maphoma Mosaola, the family was beaten up and disowned by the community which resulted in their being homeless hence LRCS building their house. He added that at the time the family lived in a rented house or room.
“During the beating up Mrs. Maribe’s hand became paralyzed while the other grand-children died,” Mosaola explained. He further addressed that the Society offered the family a temporary shelter which was blown away by heavy wind. Mr. Mosaola added that one of the children is mentally unstable.
According to the Society’s Secretary-General Mr. Kopano Masilo, LRCS built the house with money that was collected from donation boxes that are placed in different places countrywide.
“We have collected about M50 000 which was collected in donation boxes that are placed at Shoprite stores at Sefika Complex and LNDS Centre, Maseru Mall, Pioneer Mall, Econo Foods shop to mention a few. Mr. Masilo expressed his gratitude to the Mohale’s Hoek youth, Correctional Services and Mohale’s Hoek business community to have ‘lent a helping hand’ in making sure that the house is completed successfully and on time.
The same people and companies were awarded certificates of appreciation by LRCS. The awardees include Mahapu Fruits and Veg, Holy City hardware and furniture, and Irene’s Catering. Individuals include Mr. Tumelo Manjiya, Keketso Kiribati, Tumelo Chabana, Mokoto Khanyapa, Thabang Thiberi, and Makalo Rantja.
On behalf of the business community, Mrs. Haleema Nizami of Holy City Furniture indicated that they were able to provide building materials and groceries for the Maribe’s family.
Mrs. Maribe gave thanks to the Society and everyone who made it to the success and completion of the house. “I have not seen a great help like this. I have a house through the support from LRCS and other people,” she said. Mrs. Maribe indicated that she was sick and pleaded with the Society to take care of the children in case she dies.




The President of LRCS Mr. Silas Mosuhli indicated that the Society has changed the life of the Maribe’s family by bringing back their hope. “Mme ‘Mankopane and the family are now moving from one level to the next,” he said.
Other than these the Mohale’s Hoek District Administrator Mr. Bahlakoana Ts’olo emphasized that it was a big- ecstatic day for Maribe’s family to have received a house that LRCS promised to build for the Maribe’s family. The DA pleaded with people to never stop donating to LRCS whenever they see its donation boxes so that they also will have an opportunity to change the lives of the vulnerable through LRCS.