At least 5752 people were vaccinated with the COVID19 Vaccine by the Lesotho Red Cross Society Health Centres of Kena, Kolojane, Mapholaneng and Thaba Bosiu since March 2021 and still continuing.

According to the Health and Social Services Coordinator Ms Moluoane Ramakhula, every person over the age of 18 has to be vaccinated. When talking to Nursing Officers a the health centres, it was outlined that the doses given to Health Centres as of 15th October are as follows;

Kena – 1000 doses where 600 people were vaccinated

Kolojane – 1820 doses and vaccinated 1700 while the rest 100 doses will be utilized along the second week.

Mapholaneng- 900 doses


Thaba Bosiu- 2850 doses in which 2334 people were vaccinated while 10 doses of vaccine were left.

Mr Bokang Koaatsa of Kena Health Centre is indicated that the Ministry of Health developed a new plan for intensive remobilization to tackle village per village and address the prevailing myths faced with COVID 19 vaccine and challenges in order to ensure that all people eligible are vaccinated.

However, Nurse Koaatsa pointed out that some villages are hard-to-reach, making them difficult to access.  “Some remote villages can only be accessible through the use of helicopters, which will not only help them reach a number of villages per day, also transporting the vaccine on time as well as in good safe conditions,” Koaatsa explained.

“Every medication has side effects, just like these vaccines. People also react differently towards medication, but that does not mean they are endangering their lives, rather they boost the immune systems hence protecting them from illnesses,” he explained.

Mr Koaatsa explained that some of the challenges that are brought by the rate at which people vaccinate include myths that people have died due to being vaccinated. However, deaths that the people spoke in question were confirmed by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to have not been caused by the Vaccine or are Vaccine related.

According to Makatleho Liau Head Nurse of Thaba-Bosiu Health Centre, all vaccinated patients have been registered into the system and have their vaccination cards. However, when outlining the challenges, they encounter she states that the youth claim the vaccine is going to make them sick and that they have been coping well fighting the virus without the vaccine to date.

She added that some people are reluctant to vaccinate due to side effects that others experienced after being vaccinated.

“The other challenge that we usually experience is the shortage of staff and inaccessible roads leading to the villages,” Liau said. Liau added that they also have a plan of vaccinating people on Sundays in churches.

The Prime Minister of Lesotho Dr Moeketsi Majoro said during His National Address on 10th October 2021 on the National Television indicated that the country has received 528,000 doses of which 428,000 were Johnson & Johnson, and 100,000 was Sinopharm.

Dr Majoro again made a plea to the nation to come out of their houses to vaccinate. He made a reminder that the pandemic is not yet over and that people should consider adhering to the safety protocols of the COVID 19.

“About 428 000 people have been vaccinated which makes it 21% of the total vaccination rate,” Dr Majoro said.

Dr Majoro pleaded with Basotho to always bear in mind the significance of the COVID 19 vaccine in helping to protect them and minimize the rate in which they get sick especially with COVID 19.

“The vaccine prevents COVID 19 patients from extreme sicknesses that could result in death,” he said.

As of October 15th, this year the Country had 22 3252 specimens tested with 655 confirmed deaths and 11995 recoveries.