Lesotho Red Cross Society‘s Newly elected President Hareteke Nkhets’e for the first time after he entered the office of Presidency addressed staff country-wide. In his speech, the President indicated that he had come to share his vision and aspirations with 72 members of LRCS staff because alone he cannot achieve his desires.
Mr. Nkhets’e outlined that in the four years that he is going to be in leadership he will work on the issues of Governance; indicating that the boundaries between National Executive Committee (NEC) and Management should be made clear to avoid stepping on each other’s toes.
“We the National Executive Committee and the Management are going to make sure that we remain in our lines of responsibility. We are going to make sure that we avoid crossing lines as this would result in conflicts and misunderstandings,” Mr. Nkhets’e said.
Other than these, the President outlined the issue of Policy, indicating that the NEC together with the Management is going to work towards making sure that all Society’s activities and business are executed in line or according to the formulated policies. Mr. Nkhets’e further explained that the issue of relevant policies is also going to be part of his leadership priorities to help decision-making processes that need to be taken by the NEC.
Mr. Nkhets’e further explained that youth is the pillar of the sustainability of the Society, hence the need to also look closely into issues of youth and volunteering. Mr. Nkhets’e emphasized the need to recruit skillful volunteers that will assist in the growth of the Society by enabling the Society to fulfill its mission of alleviating human suffering wherever it may be found.
“We all know that youth are found in schools. It is my dream to have strong branches and youth clubs in all schools if not most, “ He said.
To the staff, he said:” I am aware of your commitment and dedication in delivering humanitarian assistance to the affected, as well as working for the sustainability of the Red Cross even during times when the Society does not have funds. Continue pushing the culture of integrity. Your efforts will forever be seen and heard country-wide. ”.


President Nkhets’e included the point that there is a need to strengthen local and international partnerships to enable the Society to reach out to vulnerable communities. Mr. Nkhets’e articulated that if the Society has strong partnerships with Non-Governmental Organizations and Government; they will be able to support the Society financially.
In addition, he pointed out that there is a widespread misconception that the Society is financially doing well hence most people do not volunteer to contribute resources to Red Cross. This also is seen in some government departments.
“We are not rich, in fact, we are struggling financially but we are excellent in our mandate of assisting the victims of disasters by responding promptly. We need to explain to the government that we are auxiliary to the government and not a donor hence we need them to financially support Lesotho Red Cross Society so that it can executive its mandate of alleviating human suffering well”, emphasized.
He informed the staff that in some countries the national societies are supported by their governments hence the need to continue talks with Government of Lesotho.
“It is my wish to impart understanding to relevant government ministries; be it through meetings or workshops, we will do it,” he emphasized.
The President was addressing staff throughout the country including the Society’s Health Centres in the presence of the Secretary-General Mr. Kopano Masilo who gave thanks to staff members to have availed themselves and made time for the President.