The Society’s ambulance service  became handy during the three day history Chief Moshoeshoe (I)116 km walk held in March this year

The ambulance, First Aiders and volunteer paramedic had their first experience of providing assistance to those who needed it during the Moshoeshoe I three day walk.

Lesotho Red Cross Society took part in this historic event for the first time since the walk started in 2007 . The walk  starts from Menkhoaneng in the Botha Bothe district to Thaba Bosiu in the Maseru district.

The Secretary General Mr Kopano Masilo (who walked for 3 days) represented the Society.

The Society had just bought an ambulance and engaged a volunteer Paramedic  Ms Thabo Sello who was part of the team that provided First Aid to the sore and injured trekkers .

Due to the difficult terrain of Lesotho and the heavy rains there were many injuries and at least more than 423 people were assisted by the very able team of Lesotho Red Cross Society ambulance service, which consisted of Ms Paballo Thato – Volunteer First Aid Trainer, Mr. Mahase Mahase and Mr. Thabiso Sello.

Other ambulance services at the event were from Khanya and Lesotho Defence Force ambulance services.

When interviewed Thabo said: ”my first experience and when we came across an accident at Lekokoaneng in the Berea district where one person was injured. Our team assisted the person who was later taken to the hospital by a vehicle belonging to Seboche Hospital. However, my adrenaline kicked in and i was exhilarated and ready to start assisting whoever needed our help”.

When recounting her experience, Thabo said the following; “ the first day of the Walk was not so hectic even though on arrival at Menkhoaneng our tent was blown away by strong winds and we had to find alternative place.

“but the second day of the walk the weather was bad due to heavy rains and  the trekkers still had to walk a good 50 km for the day and that is where things started changing.  People started complaining about a lot of things and we ran out of our supplies. However, due to the team work we had with other ambulance services we managed to come to each other’s rescue”

She says the trekkers started feeling muscle pains, cramps, blisters, dehydration, joints pain, other  minor injuries on the second and third days. The team had to be ready to assist them and “boy did we do a great job”.

“there were a few critical cases referred to the nearest hospital in Hlotse Leribe district”, Thabo added.

In addition, the team did not have branded uniform and therefore it took time for people to know that they are First Aiders. Thabo added.

The presence of the Secretary General Mr. Kopano Masilo in the Walk helped because he was always around to find out how the team was coping and advising what should be done.

Her Majesty Queen Masenate Seeiso also took part in the historical Walk of the founder of the Basotho nation  Chief Moshoeshoe I from Menkhoaneng in the Butha Buthe district  and was later joined by His Majesty Kind Letsie III on the last day at Malimong to Thaba Bosiu in the Maseru district

“ The climax of it all was when His Majesty King Letsie III joined the walk on the last day and joined  Her Majesty who had been walking since day one“. She concluded.

The walk was organised by T.Connexion , has now attracted other countries to participate, i.e. Botswana, South Africa and Swaziland. The number of people taking part in the event was approximately 600 people