“Lesotho Red Cross Society helped me to realize that I have value and I can highly contribute to the my country’s development regardless of my background.  I have now completed my Associate Degree in Business Management with merit and got an industry award for excellence at the local university”, says Masilo Sekeleme and Orphan who was taken care by Lesotho Red Cross Society since 2000.

Masilo was born in January 1992 at Ha Mohatlane in  TY in the Berea district,  40 KM north of the capital city Maseru. His mother passed away when he was eight year old and his younger brother was three years  younger than me.”  although we have the same mother, our fathers are different,”  he added.

” My parents separated when i was six months (i am told). shortly after the separation my mother left for South Africa and left me with my grandparents ( her parents). she came back with another child, my younger brother,” he continued.

My mother passed away in 2000 leaving us at our grandparents home, struggling a lot to make ends meet. my younger brother was lucky because his South African father came to get when our mum passed away leaving me alone with my grandparents. As if  the struggle was not enough my grandfather passed away in 2002.

” I felt so helpless, so lost and not knowing what the future holds for me but my  school Principle approached the Red Cross and informed them about my plight in 2000..” he said with a big smile.

” within no time I received funding from Lesotho Red Cross Society. The society helped to pay the school fees and other relevant academic needs like food, uniform, books and others.

” Red Cross helped me from 2000 when I was in class three until 2009 when I completed Form E. This society helped me to restore the hope of my bright future especially after losing my lovely mother; it was through Red Cross that my academic value was recognized because I got first class at primary level and second class in secondary and high school level respectively.

I am really proud of Lesotho Red Cross Society because through their aid I am a self motivated, committed and passionate youth who is ready to captain a ship through the rough sea; I am now focusing on implementation of acquired skills to my business and soon I will be running one of successful Companies in the country. I am currently sharpening my creative skills with the Central Bank of Lesotho in administration department where I specifically deal with procurement activities.

To me Red Cross is the one and only special voluntary organization that knows that the human life is more important than money and the independence and passion they have when helping people really proves the presence of God within their sphere of operation,  I would like to send my sincere gratitude to the founder and management of this blessed organization the world abroad and most specifically Red Cross Management in Lesotho,
“please continue changing the life people without any fear or favor”.

To those who are sponsored by Red Cross to carry out their studies please work hard so that you will be the light in the night, because normally opportunity knocks once.

This society is the core pillar of Lesotho’s economic sustainability  because it creates accessible and inclusive environment for everyone for instance, it acts as a parent to orphans, and it helps the disabled, as well as giving support to development projects in the country, it also empowers the youths and helps them create job opportunities.