The National Executive Committee (NEC) of Lesotho Red Cross Society (LRCS) attended a three-day governance induction workshop facilitated by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in Maseru from September 7th to 9th, 2021.

The newly elected NEC were inducted on good qualities of a leader, on the characteristics of a well-functioning National Society.

The IFRC Facilitator Mr. Samuel Asamoah defined governance and management as concepts that complement each other whilst they make sure the other does not overstep their boundaries.

He said it is pivotal for the NEC to know the difference between being in governance and what management does.

“Governance is the way an organization sets directions by making decisions about people, priorities, programs, and services. Management on the other hand is a day-to-day process of carrying out missions and goals set by the Board in order to achieve the planned outcomes, “Mr. Asamoah explained.

He continued to explain that in order for the NEC to be good leaders it has to accept the following; acceptance of corrections, advise, communicate well both internally and externally in order to build trust.

He said a good leader must be constant in what he or she is doing in order to create a common vision and a plan.

He stated that it is important for the governance to clearly understand its role so that it does not cross boundaries and ends up in the management territory. He, however, emphasized that the two complement each other.

The National Executive Committee was also reminded about the importance of playing the auxiliary role to public authorities. “it is important to ensure that there are regular meetings with the Government so that they are aware of the role played by the National Society in supporting the Central Government policies and also seek support; it may be financially or may cancel liabilities of the National Society since it is a non-profit-making organization.


Protecting the integrity of the National Society is key in ensuring that it does not affect nor undermines the very principles of humanitarian assistance, prevent poor service, and ensures good quality of humanitarian assistance. This was said by Mr. Shadrack Musyoka; the IFRC National Society Development Coordinator for Southern Region Cluster.

Mr. Musyoko said a board with good integrity, not influenced by government control, key appointments in the National Society, political allegiance, and financial dependence will not expose the NS and individuals to danger during humanitarian operations. He added that it will ensure that staff morale is good and funding from donors will not be reduced.

The President of Eswatini Baphalali Red Cross Mrs. Happy Dlamini shared experiences of her National Society with the board by saying the government supported them.

The President of LRCS Mr. Silas Mosuhli, when thanking the facilitators said they have learned a lot from the induction and what remains for the board to do is to put into practice what has been taught.

The Induction Workshop was facilitated by Mr. Samuel Asamoah who works as Head of National Society Development Policy, Strategy and Knowledge-based in the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in Pretoria, and Mr. Shadrack Musyoka currently working as National Society Development Coordinator for Southern Region Cluster.

The governance induction was attended by the Society’s Ten-member National Executive Committee that was recently elected in their positions in June 2021 during the Annual General Meeting.  The New NEC members are as follows; President  – Mr. Silas Mosuhli, First Vice President – Mr. Thato Mokete, Second Vice President – Mr. Bataung Morakabi;  Members: Ms. Malipuo Masolisa, Mr. Senate Polile, Mr. Lekhupane Setsase, Mr. Tefelo Tleketle, Mr. Joseph Fafatsa, Mr. Teboho Magumela, and the Youth President – Mr. Pheko Phera.

In addition, the Secretary-General Mr. Kopano Masilo, and Programs Director  Mr. Sechaba Mokhameleli were also present.