By Sma Phethoka

About ten tippy taps have been constructed by the Lesotho Red Cross Divisions as the response to COVID 19. These tippy taps were constructed under the campaign “wash your hands after every twenty minutes”. Apart from these, it was noticed that since water is scarcely available in some areas, tippy taps are the best and easiest way to washing hands as well as preserving water.

Other than these, the Society through its Divisions has been teaching people on how to construct tippy taps at their homes.

The places that have tippy taps constructed include Police stations, Clinics, Districts Administrator’s offices as well Red Cross Offices.

This was done to adhere to the COVID 19 safety precautions which stated that people should wash their hands every twenty minutes-with running water and soap. Apart from these, information dissemination concerning COVID 19 has been running in different districts to sensitize people concerning Corona Virus; what it is, how it spreads and well as the protective measures they could take to protect themselves against it. These disseminations were done in taxi ranks, as well as supermarkets where a number of people gather.

On the other hand, Divisions have been assisting local supermarkets with one meter distancing between customers. This was done in different districts by placing silo tapes after every one meter indicating where every customer should queue in the supermarkets. This measure was done to comply by the social distancing precaution of the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the Ministry of Health.

Apart from these, the Divisions have placed volunteers at the nearby illegal boarder gates to keep an eye on people who cross at the forbidden areas, and without being screened.

Headquarters and Divisions are part of the National Emergency Command Centre and District Command Centres.

Moreover, COVID-19 messages from the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have been translated into Sesotho.