“Tippy tap is the answer to stopping the spread of bacteria from the toilet to the tap and back to people,” this was said by the WATSAN Officer Mr. Thabang Toloane during a three day workshop held for Thaba Bosiu Lesotho Red Cross Society Care Facilitators and youth.
The workshop that was attended by 20 participants from 10 villages around Thaba Bosiu started from July 21st to 23rd this year.
According to Mr. Toloane the objectives of the workshop were;
• To introduce Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation (PHAST) methodologies to participants
• To make participants aware of critical times for hand washing
• To make a demonstration of a tippy tap and encourage participants to facilitate their construction in villages
• To understand different components of a VIP latrine and how it functions

He said Tippy Tap is one way that can be used by people who do not have taps, easy access to water and is easily constructed using locally available material such ordinary sticks, empty plastic container and a string.
“When using a tippy tap the only thing used is a foot that steps on a stick attached to a string enabling the container to tilt and then one is able to wash hands”, Toloane added.
The participants were encouraged to have tippy taps in their homes and to also encourage others to have them because they do not waste water nor are they difficult to make.
”I have constructed a tippy tap at my home and it’s very useful when one comes from the Ventilated Improved Latrines (VIP),” Thapelo Mokitimi a youth member who attended the workshop said.
Hygiene training workshop was held for fourteen care facilitators and six youth volunteers from the following villages around Thaba-bosiu; Ha Lenono, Ha Lesoiti, Ha Mosalla, Liolong, Masekoeng, Ha Makhoathi, Sekhutloaneng, Ha Motsu, Ha Bosofo, and Ha Fako.
The pictures below show participants during the demonstration of constructing a tippy tap during the workshop.