Lesotho as a country is vaccinating different groups of the nation, district by district. This week Maseru is vaccinating. Lesotho Red Cross Society has two Health Centres; one in the lowlands – Thaba Bosiu and the other at Kena in the mountains of the district.

Lesotho experienced heavy snowfall in the high places and rains in the past weekend, but these bitterly cold conditions did not deter Nurse Bokang Koaatsa and his team to cross rivers with bitterly cold water on foot and ride horses for three hours to ensure that communities in hard to reach areas of Kubake, Mpobong and Ha Mokoara in the Kena Catchment area are given COVID19 vaccine this week.

                                   sheer commitment and selfless dedication to saving lives  by the  Lesotho Red Cross kena Health Centre team