Red Cross Youth First Aiders save a girl’s life

Preserving life and promoting recovery is the core purpose of rendering First Aid to causalities. Lesotho Red Cross Society Division Youth First Aiders assisted an injured school girl during the District Football Association (DIFA) tournaments in May this year. The girl who was allegedly escaping a kidnapping was badly injured on the forehead.

The Youth First Aider stopped the bleeding before taking the girl to the government hospital where she was admitted. “It is with acts like these that proves that each one of us has to know First Aid so that we can help one another in times of need”, the Divisional Secretary for Quthing Lieketseng Masunyane Letsie, said.

The injured girl expressed her gratitude to the First Aider for saving her life saying, “If it were not because of your help I would have died. Thank you and continue saving lives of Basotho people, may God bless you”. Her parents too, later came to the Divisional offices to thank the Society for the help they gave to their daughter and said they would like to know First Aid so they can save lives.

In addition, Lesotho Red Cross Quthing Division in collaboration with DIFA and the Department of Gender, Youth, Sport and Recreation provided First Aid service during sports tournaments in the district.

The tournaments were held on the 23rd to 25th May 2014 at Maseribane high school where 10 high schools were taking part. Quthing Division’s Youth Committee created and trained school First Aid teams for the tournaments to provide First Aid. The Society’s Youth President Mr. Amad Clifford Tarr, a paramedic by profession, was also present at the DFA tournaments to assist the First Aid team in Quthing.



 “Re ‘moho. . .”

The national youth camp and AGM was held on the 18th -22nd November 2013 at ‘Matheko Youth Centre, in Thaba Tseka. The camp and AGM were attended by five delegates from each of the Division and the members of the National Youth Executive Committee. However, the host Division, Thaba Tseka, was given the opportunity to bring other ten members in an attempt to revive and build the capacity of this Division.

The facilitation team consisted of the facilitators from the National Planning Meeting, Mr Mochesane, Mr Mohlotsane and Mr Velaphi, for continuity in building towards the success of the Youth Program which is still at its infant stage. However, two other facilitators which are Youth from other organisations were roped in for team building activities. Ms Neo Mohaleroe and Mr Motlatsi Mokoena were invited because of their experiences and exposure n youth camps and they are now officially members of Lesotho Red Cross Society.

The first day being the AGM was a success in terms of election because the Youth President was constitutionally elected. The new Lesotho Red Cross Youth President is Mr Amad Clifford Tarr of Botha Bothe. “Give it up for Maclivo, once more, again.” He takes over from the Vice Chairperson Ms Keneuoe Loape who was acting after the former President resigned and this ensures the Youth will once again being fully represented in the National Executive Committee or Board. The National Plan was discussed and adopted.

Then it was back to camp activities. 30 families in different villages were allocated hygiene kits and the youth also planted vegetables for twenty seven families. This is because the families were not found on the outreach day hence the hygiene kits were distributed to other vulnerable people in another village the following day. The delegates also had a game with inmates at Thaba Tseka correctional facilities as part of rehabilitation of inmates. The inmates were also part of Lesotho Red Cross Day celebration and were delighted to see familiar faces. Lastly, the delegates, the Board, District Administrator of Thaba Tseka and the Minister of Gender and Youth, Sports and Recreation Chief Thesele ‘Maseribane planted 500 trees and the delegates were responsible for digging the holes and the aim of this project was to fight Climate change and soil erosion while also providing fire wood which is very scarce in Thaba Tseka.

Youth and fun go hand in glove hence it is no surprise that “Bomputsoenyane” really did have some fun in Thaba Tseka. The debate on social media with the participants at the Communications Liasing officers also held in Thaba Tseka by the Communication department was really heated, informative and fun. It was live on KEL radio station, aha aha. My humble plea is to remember at all times the words of the Presidet, Mr Sekhobe Letsie, “Are you not part of the problem that you say you are solving? Na le feela le le senyepa sa khauta melaleng ea batsoali ba lona?”

It would be a shortcoming not to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Youth Officer of Thaba Tseka, Ms Lineo Hlalele and the staff at ‘Matheko Youth Centre for being such wonderful hosts. Once lacks words to express the gratitude hence resorts to our mother tongue, “Re a leboha.”


Lesotho Red Cross Youth in Norway

By Ntoetsi and Phera

The Red Cross youth delegates attended an FK Youth camp form the 19 to the 22 August 2014 in Sormarka in Oslo together with other youth from different organization from Europe specifically Norway, Africa, Asia, and South America all in all were one hundred and one participants. The aim of this camp was to prepare the participants to exchange, to make them understand the role of their partnership in the exchange and as well as offer an international networking area. The FK Youth Camp aims at giving the participants general and overall knowledge, understanding and preparation of the exchange context.

The following topics were addressed, introduction to FK and information work, development issues and intellectual communication. Participants were also given optional courses namely Photography, Media, Youth Leadership, Avoiding Stereo Type, Audio Visual Communication, Capital Flight and Tax Haven, Millennium Goals Development, Think Global Act Local, Dialog As A Tool, How To Make A Campaign.

A photo taken during the millennium development goal with Franco and Ntoetse

Amongst all there was entertainment provided where we participated in soccer match, cheerleading and an evening party were groups were to provided entertainment and Pheko got an award for being the best dancer



By Motautona Thaba – Divisional Secretary Qacha’sNek

The Norwergian Youth Delegates, Tine Camilla Norderhaug and Edward Louis Torsvikarrived in Lesotho on the 19th October 2014 acompanied by Mr Velaphi Ntshangasefrom the Norwergian Regianal Office in Pretoria. On Monday the 20th October 2014 they were welcomed by the Secretary General Prof. Teboho Kitleli before they started the process of applying for the Residence Permit.

The Youth Delegates left for Qacha’s Nek on Saturday. They were welcomed by the Divisional Chairperson and youth at the Division and the Acting President at their residence. Sunday morning was all about them settling and dusting their new home. Then amidst  heavy rain the Youth Delgates were shown around their new town which also included a race between Edward, Qacha’s Nek Divisional Secretary and the Youth officer over Hlapalimane bridge.For those who know the characters its easy to say who came last and for obvious reasons, lol. Suspension aside, the Youth Officer won the race and Edward came second.

As usual Qacha’s Nek youth lived up to stardands in ensuring a fabulous welcome for the Youth Delegates. The occasion deservered the famous words of Khotso Lebona, NYEC member, “OHHHHHHHH OOOO QACHAAAA!!” words uttered in his first visit to Qacha.

“The Qacha youth ululated, sang and danced for the Norwegian youth who looked both surprised and very happy. I don’t think they have ever experienced anything like that,” says Motautona Thaba, the Divisional Secretary for the host Division Qacha.

I have always known Qacha youth to be on the quite side, but boy did they surprise me (pleasantly of course). they talking to the youth delegates so much ,Wow, and all I can I say people can really speak the queen’s language if they soo desire. It was apparent that the delayed arrival of Youth Delagates in Lesotho caused by political unrest had sharpened their appetite for foreign indulgence.

The Youth Delegates were part of the delegation to the national work camp and AGM where they participated in activities though in some instances language became a barrier. Tine played netbal and Edward was part of the soccer team during a match against Mopholosi High School. A challenging but fun filled week for the Youth Delegates and participants at large.

The aim of the exchange is also to share cultural experiences and in line with this aim the YD hosted a Norwegian day for Qacha’s Nek youth where culture was the main theme. Festive seasons had already arrived and given that people go to the extreme and spent as much as possible in the name of fun the Youth Delegates and Qacha’s Nek youth initiated a Social Campaign Against Drinking and Driving and took to the streets of Qacha’s Nek. Given the mood of the season, they brought along the Division radio system so as to entertaining, audible and fun. They call it mixing business with pleasere the key element in getting the work work done while also having fun.



Story by: Miss Nthatisi Miriam Lesala – Volunteer Thaba Tseka

One Hundred and Nine (109) students and out of school youth graduated from  Grass Root Soccer (GRS) and they were certified as the agents of change in their communities.

The aim of GRS is to train the players how to become good supporters to everyone in their community as well as sharing HIV/AIDS information with their peers and everyone, and to be the captains in their community by letting their healthy behaviours be the good examples in their communities.

“RESPECT, PARTICIPATE & LEAD” These are three main words used in the beginning of every Grass Root Soccer (GRS) sessions in order to remind the participants ( players) about what is expected of them until they finish  the eleven (11) practices of the GRS”  said Emma McEvoy, one of the Facilitators .

GRS programme is led by Lesotho Red Cross youth volunteers in Thaba-Tseka Division in partnership with Emma McEvoy (an American Peace Corp Volunteer, (PCV)).

It is with GRS programme where Red Cross became more visible and attractive to Thaba-Tseka communities and schools.

“We trained Fifty One (51) Form D students of Ntaote high school and built a very strong partnership because we received a positive feedback from students, teachers and Emma, in regard to our facilitation as Red Cross Youth Volunteers (GRS Coaches). Again, Red Cross´ visibility was recognised locally by Out of School Youth from Mants´onyane and Thaba-Tseka Camp Town where we trained Fifty Eight (58) players,” said Mr Molemo Thulo also Chairperson of the Thaba Tseka Youth Committee.

He added that the great work being done by the youth was recognized by Paray Mission Hospital for they fully funded the out of school youth summer camp in 12-14 January 2018.